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Capture, store and manage employee data, documents, leave and attendance management, and develop your company ecosystem.

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Leading HRMS software for all your HR

  • Streamlined HR processes to maximize productivity

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  • Achieve next level organization with advanced workflow automation

best hrms software

Employee Management

Manage your company database in a cloud-based employee management system with a list, hierarchy view, and Keep track of employee data. Enhance a highly reliable data record for the better efficiency of your workforce.

employee management
search employee

Search Employee

Enable to search and view employee-related information from the employee database.

add employees

Add Employees

View all current employee's information has been entered into the system Manually or uploaded with file formats.

employee id cards

Employee ID Cards

Access a virtual Employee ID Card to your organization issues to verify an employee's identity.

create id

Create ID

Assign unique IDs for employees. This template allows you to create unique identification numbers or codes.

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Attendance Management

Track your employee attendance time efficiently with a powerful management tool. HRsprout provides you with an accurate and user-friendly attendance management system.

attendance management
work shifts

Work Shifts

Add unlimited work shifts and assign employees to their respective timings. It helps your organization be more efficient in managing work shifts and the attendance of your employees.



Regularize and manage attendance of your employees with cloud-based application.

attendance tracking

Attendance Tracking

Manage your employee time and attendance by utilizing this simple and intuitive web-based platform.

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Leave Management

Manage employee leaves to save time in your HR routine. HRSprout's Leave Management is a simple and user-friendly online leave management module that helps you record, manage, and keep track of your employees' leave details effectively with minimal time theft.

leave management
leave types

Leave Types

Create custom leave types for employee vacation sick days and get approved. The system also provides guidance on how much time off employees are entitled to take based on the company’s policy.

leave balances

Leave Balances

Automate tracking and updating of leave balances (sick leave, vacation, personal days, and compensatory time).

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Document Management

Secure your documents which act as proof of records of all the official activities of the company. Documents are vital to record all the transactions, activities, and events related to the organization.

document management
employee information

Employee Information

Manage employee lifecycle documents which gives you the perfect solution to help them manage their personal documents with this easy to use.

hr policies

HR Policies

Access documents related to HR includes forms, company policies, HR policies, employee related information and sensitive information.

organisation information

Organisation Information

Access your organization's documents in one place. HRIS software makes work more effective and secure.

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Listen to social streams in a whole new way by sending customized messages and discussing in forums.

message configurations

Message configurations

Create configured messages from personalized templates in the social stream, increasing employee engagement.

social streams

Social Streams

Use custom templates and post notifications in the social streams using various message configurations.



Discuss tasks to do, post your doubts and stay updated with the team for an effective workforce.

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Multiple Workspaces

Create multiple workspaces, customize the team, add departments and designations, and stay connected from anywhere.

multiple workspaces


Manage locations in one convenient place by adding various unit addresses for easy communication.



Create and configure Departments for your organization for more security, add and access rights.



Create designations for your organization and configure them to integrate your business process.

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What is HRMS Software?

One of the best ways to organize the human resources of your organization is through the use of Human Resources Management System Software (HRMS) software.

What Does HR Software Do?

If you’re having a challenging time figuring out what HR software can do to help your business, there’s no need to fret. We’re here to help ensure that you make the most out of your opportunities.

What is HR Software?

HR software is an application that automates HR tasks. It's a strategic solution for managing your employees and your company's human capital.

How To Use HRMS Software?

HRMS software is a comprehensive solution for human resource management. It includes features such as time and attendance, employee management, multiple workspaces, performance reviews, and more.

What is Employee Management Software?

Employee Management Software is essential for managing human resources. It streamlines management tasks by providing a tool to monitor, evaluate, and improve performance.

What is Leave Management?

Leave management is a system which enables easy tracking and management of company leaves. This includes leave requests, approvals, and tracking.

What Benefits Does HR Software Provide?

HR software is designed to help HR professionals manage their employees' information, time, and attendance more efficiently. Read this article for more information on the benefits of HR software.

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