Task Cadence

accommodate unlimited active workflows

Create a workflow with specific details to set a task cadence for employees to send emails automatically.

Task Cadence

Create Tasks Using Task Cadence for Each Activity

Make a workflow with precise instructions so emails may be sent automatically.

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automated emails

Automated Emails

Email that is scheduled to be sent at a predefined time or in response to a trigger. It is beneficial to keep in touch with employees and keep them up to date on a regular basis.

assign members

Assign members

Enables you to assign employees to your email-sending activity.

email type

Email Type

An email message's format is determined by its email type. Custom emails are not automatically sent; instead, they are sent to certain people or groups. Form emails are normally sent automatically once a form is submitted.

What is Task Cadence?

The cadence of work in a task-oriented setting is known as task cadence. It refers to the frequency with which activities are performed and is frequently expressed in terms of the number of tasks finished in a certain amount of time.

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