manage employee tickets and requests

Keep track of the requests and issues raised by employees. This can be useful for monitoring employee satisfaction and making sure that problems are resolved quickly.


Employ Ticketing to Control Employee Requests and Tickets.

Automate and streamline operations to assist organizations in saving time.

ticketing leave note
categorized tickets

Categorized Tickets

They are classified according to the sort of category they belong to. Tickets are classified into four types: attendance, general, leaves, and payroll. Each ticket type includes a distinct collection of data that is used to track and manage it.

prioritized tasks

Prioritized Tasks

Regarded to be urgent or most vital. They could be allocated to particular employee or groups. Tasks that have been prioritized may also be assigned a higher priority so that they have a better chance of being noticed and finished.

message box

Message Box

Method to elicit information from the user so that the respondent has enough knowledge to resolve the issue

What is Ticketing?

Assists in managing employee requests and tickets. Include track and monitoring employee leave, attendance, general, and payroll requests. By automating and simplifying these operations, ticketing can assist in time and cost savings.

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