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  • Manage employees, attendance, leaves, and payroll (select countries) using All-in-one HRMS Software

  • Track attendance using AI face recognition, and time-tracking tool

  • Leaves Management is easier than ever - casual leaves, sick leaves, maternity leave, and happy day leaves are all under control

  • Share documents and contracts, via private or public link

  • Stay organized and always on schedule by employing task cadences, HR helpdesk, and social streams

  • Generate more than 50 advanced reports to analyze your HRMS activities

Why Choose HRSprout for HRMS Software?

Top 10 reasons why your business should use HRSprout and 50+ other apps from 500apps

  • #1

    All-in-One HR Management Solution

  • #2

    Employee Digital ID Card

  • #3

    Instant Employee Onboarding Process

  • #4

    Multiple Workspaces

  • #5

    Document Management System

  • #6

    Face Recognition Tool

  • #8

    Agile Attendance Management Tool

  • #9

    Unbelievable pricing - the lowest you will ever find

  • #10

    Everything your business needs - 50 apps, 24/5 support and 99.95% uptime


All-in-One HRMS Software

Powerful features to manage employees attendance and leaves in one place to create a thriving workforce

Automate HR Process

Create unlimited candidates for onboarding, exit, or any special event, and HRSprout automates by creating related tasks automatically.

Detailed Reports

View organization hierarchy charts, track leaves, performance, and every report by managers

hrms software

Powerful Features

Limitless Possibilities. What will you do for your business?

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Know More About hrms software


What is HRMS Software?

One of the best ways to organize the human resources of your organization is through the use of Human Resources Management System Software (HRMS) software.

What Does HR Software Do?

If you’re having a challenging time figuring out what HR software can do to help your business, there’s no need to fret. We’re here to help ensure that you make the most out of your opportunities.

What is HR Software?

HR software is an application that automates HR tasks. It's a strategic solution for managing your employees and your company's human capital.

How To Use HRMS Software?

HRMS software is a comprehensive solution for human resource management. It includes features such as time and attendance, employee management, multiple workspaces, performance reviews, and more.

What is Employee Management Software?

Employee Management Software is essential for managing human resources. It streamlines management tasks by providing a tool to monitor, evaluate, and improve performance.

What is Leave Management?

Leave management is a system which enables easy tracking and management of company leaves. This includes leave requests, approvals, and tracking.

What Benefits Does HR Software Provide?

HR software is designed to help HR professionals manage their employees' information, time, and attendance more efficiently. Read this article for more information on the benefits of HR software.

How To Improve Employee Attendance?

Employee attendance is a huge problem for many companies. But there are a number of steps you can take to not only improve it, but to help set your company apart as a great place to work.

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