Employee Management

Improves the efficiency of employee workflow

Get employee management software, a cloud-based HR system that can help simplify and automate the HR workflow process.

Employee Management

Empower Your Organization With Employee Management

Employee satisfaction is critical to the success of any organisation.

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search employee

Search Employee

Allows you to search filter employee information such as employee ID, name, department, designation, reporting manager, and status with a list, hierarchy view. These filters aid in identifying the required profile from the database.

add employees

Add Employees

Add Manually or import multiple employees' data at once by uploading a csv file by entering their information by hand into the csv file.

employee id cards

Employee ID Cards

Provide employees with a Virtual ID card they can use to provide proof of employment. Employees can access this ID on the HRSprout application. The card includes the employee’s name, photo, designation, and other personal identification.

create id

Create ID

Create a unique identification code for employees, add base words, prefixes, and sequencers that generate and assign unique values to employees' IDs.

list view

List View

A list of every employee in the organization is displayed. Managers may easily access all employees' data in one location using this list view. You may sort the List view using the employee ID, first name, last name, or job title.

hierarchy view

Hierarchy View

The hierarchical structure of an organization represented graphically. Between employees, supervisors, and executives, it demonstrates their reporting ties. The organizational structure can be improved in some places by using the hierarchy view to find those areas.

What is Employee Management?

Employee management is a tool that helps HR managers to track their employees. It also helps them to create an organizational structure for the company, and maintain accurate records of employee information. It can help to create an organizational structure for the company, assign tasks and responsibilities to employees, maintain accurate records of employee information, and make sure that everyone stays updated with respect to their benefits under this system. Learn more about employee management

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