A business can be divided into multiple departments. Human Resource is one of those divisions of a business that is necessary and requires a great amount of attention. This is because it forms the base of any business and also encapsulates all the other departments and keeps them tied together so that they can work seamlessly without any interruptions.

HR has multiple tasks under its umbrella. These include finding, interviewing, hiring, and terminating employees, as well as keeping the mechanics of the other departments flawless by solving their technical as well as non-technical problems, and coming up with new plans and programs to increase the productivity of the employees, etc.

All these tasks become complicated to handle as the size of a business increases. In recent years, much-dedicated HR system software has been made to ease such tasks that require human labor. Such software has also been made to aid the HR department of companies. These automate manual tasks like keeping records of the employees and new job applicants, time tracking, attendance of employees, updating employees’ directories, etc. it makes things more organized without requiring much time so that this time effort can be put into some more productive work.

Understanding HR System Software

Understanding HR System Software

An HR system software is a program that provides solutions to all problems concerning HR management in a digital form. It automates all the tasks that were first being performed on paper by hand and required a lot of human labor. An ideal HR system software must be dedicated to reducing the time and resources put into performing HR tasks so that this time and resources can be allocated to doing some creative and productive work.

HR System Software Capabilities

Such software digitizes the worksheets that have the information of all the employees and helps in keeping track of things by creating detailed automated reports. The tasks that HR system software can perform include:

  1. Storing and organizing employee data

  2. Securing the employee data

  3. Time-tracking of the schedules of employees

  4. Surveying the employees for employee satisfaction and creating reports

  5. Performance management of the different departments

  6. Keeping track of reached and missed goals of the departments and individual employees

  7. Automation of tasks while Pre-hiring, during onboarding, and retirement or termination

  8. Integration of third-party applications

  9. Producing automated reports and monitoring all data changes

Features of HR System Software

Advanced HR system software like HRSprout provides the perfect tools for a business trying to employ an effective, well-integrated, and easy-to-use HRMS (Human Resource Management Software). Some of these tools and features are as follows:

1. Employee management

The employee management feature automates the HR workflow by helping in tracking the employees and creating an online organizational structure where all the employees are connected digitally. It produces and presents its records online for easy management. It enables the HR department to satisfy the employees to increase morale and productivity. It provides an online database where you can search for an employee by adding filters such as ID, name, department, designation, etc. It creates virtual ID cards for each employee which serve as proof of their employment.

2. Attendance management

The HR system software turns the whole attendance management system into an automated one where the time of attendance, work shifts, working hours, etc., are all recorded in a user-friendly management system.

3. Leave management

The HR system software creates a simple-to-use employee leave management system that enables the HR department to easily and effectively track the leaves, absences, and vacation time of the employees so that no employee may be wrongly accused, and the margin of error is reduced.

It categorizes leaves according to their types such as leaves for vacations, medical leaves, leaves for important occasions, etc. It tracks and updates the leave balances of the employees so that the HR management team can make better decisions.

4. Document management

The document management feature stores files and documents related to all kinds of things such as employee attendance reports, performance reports, leave reports, etc. This streamlines the documentation process.

It uploads all the documents to the dedicated cloud of HR system software so that they can be easily accessible using its own or some third-party applications.

The documentation becomes easy and organized when all the personal documents of employees such as joining letters, offer letters, increment letters, vacations reports, leave reports, etc., are all available in a single easy-to-access place on the cloud.

5. Feeds

The HR system software creates a feed online on a company website or employee portal where all the valuable information can be published. It can also provide a forum for discussion, reminders of deadlines, notices, etc.

This enables the HR management team to stay connected to the employees and learn more about their conditions for better feedback. The HR system software also allows them to easily distribute a message to the whole staff without having to notify each and every one personally or advertise on a bulletin board.

Such a feed can also be used to create links between different messages on the company’s social media and create a cohesive environment for the employees.

6. Multiple workspaces

Multiple workspaces feature allows the HR team to contact and stay in touch with its employees even when they are stationed in far places by providing a shared workspace online that is easily accessible by all the employees.

The HR system software can also divide the online workspace according to the different departments of the company, essentially creating the same environment as is present within the company building, just online and much easier to manage.

HR System Software Features

What Does HR Management Typically Comprise?

HR management comprises all the tasks that directly or indirectly affect the performance of the company as well as the performance of each employee. The human resource management system or HR system software starts with the advertisement of a new job position in the company and ends when an employee retires from the company.

Stages of an Employee Life Cycle

An employee life cycle consists of many stages and the HR team of a company plays a distinct key role during each of these stages. These stages consist of the following

A. Recruitment

During the recruitment phase, an HR team manages the advertisement job vacancies, conducts interviews, and hires the selected job applicants with the right HR system software.

B. Onboarding

Onboarding consists of the period when the employee is being hired and when he begins his work in the company. During this phase, the task of an HR system software includes identifying the background of the person if necessary, notifying him of any benefits included in his employment program, giving the newly hired employee orientation of the company, explaining the tasks of the employee, and training and guiding him to help him get started with his duties as an employee. An HR system software that has an efficient employee onboarding system can organize the onboarding process effectively.

C. Development

During this phase, the best HR systems try to come up with ideas to train their employees. It also enrolls new employees in its directories to keep a record of their attendance and performance. Which can be automated by using the right HR system software such as HRSprout by 500apps.

D. Retaining

One of the most important tasks that the HR management team needs to perform is to keep the workings of the company seamless and flawless. For this, needs to come up with schemes to increase the morale of the employees, create a conducive environment that ultimately increases the productivity of the company, and give the employees incentives that keep them from leaving the company in search of a better opportunity.

E. Offboarding

Offboarding is the part when an employee leaves the company for either other future endeavors or just simply retires. In both cases, the HR manager has some important tasks on their hands to perform. This includes checking the leaving contract of the employee using their HR system software, preparing any retirement plans, and providing a loyal and long-serving employee with a good and heartwarming farewell.

Automating HR Management With HR System Software

Automating HR Management With HR System Software

HR system software can easily be integrated with the workflow of a company. It makes things smoother by allowing the software to deal with the more mundane tasks. The things that need to be kept in mind are as follows

A. Finances

The type of best hr systems to be used depends on the affordability of the company. The right HR system software may have a greater number of features and more flexibility and controllability over all the management systems.

B. Type of use

The HR management team must recognize what are the most important parts of the organization. Whether the hiring process is more extensive, management of files, documents, and reports is complicated or the relationship between the employees and the HR teams is something that needs to be improved. An HR system software can cope with each problem differently or provide a complete solution depending on the type of software and the way it is built. The right hr software for small business ensures that HR management is streamlined irrespective of the organization's size.

C. The complexity of the system

The more complex the system of the organization is, the more advanced and best hr software will be required to deal with the problem that occurs in its system. The number of employees, the range of expertise, and the technical and non-technical areas the HR system software covers all define how complicated and complex the organization’s work affairs are.

Wrapping Up

The hrms system is the backbone of any organization. Therefore, the problems relating to it must be catered to as the first priority. This will then enable the HR department team to remove the obstacles the rest of the organization is facing. HR is connected to every part of the company irrespective of the department. Therefore, it is hefty work to make it keep functioning as the size of the organization increases. That’s where technology steps into the picture. The HR system software available at HRSprout by 500apps is designed to prevent the inevitable chaos that comes with a growing company by reducing the man's work, making things more organized, and simplifying document management solutions. Such HR system software will make the life of the entire HR team easier by taking care of all the mundane work. It will increase the productivity of the employees, increase creativity, reduce mess and clutter of paper and files, reduce the margin of error and ultimately take the organization further on the road to success and that too steadily and smoothly.

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