The HR team of a company has to carry out several vital responsibilities. One of the most crucial aspects is the employee onboarding system. This process is critical for both the company and the new candidates. The company needs to understand the pros and cons of its recruits. On the other hand, the new employees have to acclimatize themselves to the work environment and prevalent culture within the company premises.

Successful onboarding is necessary to prepare the new employees for the responsibilities they need to handle. It also provides them with all the essential training to succeed in their career. The new employees also feel welcome during the employee onboarding system. In addition, any employee information missing from the human resources management systems is collected.

What is Employee Onboarding System?

Onboarding is the term used for integrating new hires into the business organization. The process includes all the activities that permit the recruits to complete their initial new-hire orientation procedure. They learn everything about the company they will work for, their vision, culture, mission, values, and structure.

All the necessary new employee data is put in the hrms, which helps the HR department keep track of several things about the employees. Some organizations complete their employee onboarding system within a day or two. However, the same process in other organizations lasts a maximum of a few months.

Most of the time, onboarding is confused with orientation. The latter involves completing all the paperwork and other routine tasks of the recruits. However, onboarding is more of a comprehensive process. It involves record management and various other employee-related responsibilities that can take months.

What is Employee Onboarding System

Best Practices for Employee Onboarding System That Includes HR Software

The employee onboarding system is vital for the new recruits to feel welcome in the new company. There should be ways to keep them engaged from day-1 so they feel important and wanted in the company. Here are some best practices that you may follow during the employee onboarding system using the HR software.

1. Try and Make Day-1 Hassle-free for the New Employees

It is elementary to bombard the new employees with several papers to sign and numerous formalities to carry out. If you think from their point of view, it can be pretty hectic for them. Some of them may also develop a negative image of the company in their minds from the first day. Thus, the best solution is to share various documents and contracts with them using HR software. Things like a welcome email and a list of people working in the company will be a great way to allow them to settle in gradually. You can also share a fun questionnaire to eliminate any tension in their minds.

2. Each Role Demands Effective Onboarding

The employee onboarding system cannot be the same for employees with different roles in your organization. For example, you need to have a different onboarding process for a chef and a waiter. The onboarding process for a chef will focus on duties in the kitchen. On the other hand, the onboarding process of a waiter will concentrate on handling customers. In addition, employees with different roles in your company will perform various duties. Thus, the employee onboarding system also needs to be different. You can use your hr software to prepare other onboarding processes for employees in different roles.

3. Mix Your Training Methods

Employees in different roles need some amount of training occasionally. This helps them achieve the necessary skills to excel in their roles and proceed up the corporate ladder. The HR department can use its hrms app to plan different training methods to help employees achieve their optimum level. In addition, they can share the training modules with the employees interested in taking the training process.

How Does an HRMS Software Make This Process Easier?

The employee onboarding system can be a hectic job for the HR department. This is especially true if the number of new employees joining your company on the same day is very big. However, things can get more straightforward if you use the hrms tool. There are several benefits of using such software, some of which are discussed below.

Saves Your Money and Time

Once your HR team manages to set up the employee onboarding system, you can automate the entire process with the help of the HR tools. For example, candidates get regular emails, and their hiring status gets regular updates. The attendance tracker tool used by the HR department also automatically handles every employee's attendance status. In other words, several processes involved in the onboarding procedure are clubbed into one. It also helps to shift the manual processes to digital with the help of proper tools.

Lowers the Possibility of Risks

With the help of the right HRMS tool, you can collect and validate all types of essential employee information. After this process is complete, the software will decide the digital accessibility of every employee within the organization. Employees also get proper knowledge of the various licenses necessary to access different digital tools.

Ensures Compliance

A proper HRMS software will ensure that all the recruits are genuinely aware of their roles and responsibilities. If any employee has any query, the software will connect the person to information networks where they can get their queries solved. New employees must undergo a unique education process after completing the initial recruiting procedure. They learn about the legal issues and policies in this education process. Additionally, the software stores all types of permits, training, and licenses.

Digitizes the Company

If you use proper HRMS software, it will impact the environment within your company in a positive manner. For instance, when your organization shifts from manual to digital, it will eliminate the need to store vast piles of paper. Instead, you can keep similar documents in digital format on a single online platform. This also makes it easily accessible during times of need. The result is eliminating unnecessary costs of ink, paper, and printers. Your company will also produce fewer wastes.

Practices for Employee Onboarding System

HRSprout – The Ultimate HRMS Tool

HRSprout is one of the highly sought-after HRMS software in the market today. Apart from helping you manage employees' information seamlessly, it also enables you to quickly create the employee onboarding system and exit procedure. One of the features of HRSprout that allows the software to stay ahead of its competitors is the built-in attendance tracker. In addition, it comes with biometric integration and faces recognition benefits. This makes the process of managing employee attendance effortless.

HRSprout is an all-in-one HRMS software that helps you manage various employee data without sweating much. For example, it helps you manage their leaves, different personal data, attendance, and other essential documents. This multipurpose software comes with several powerful features. Some of these features are discussed below

Document Management

This feature helps you automate the document management process, and you can quickly store all your essential files and streamline all the various documenting processes. As a result, it will boost your overall productivity. HRSprout is a cloud-based document management software that allows you to control the access of every document with the help of a single solution. You can store employees' records, all the vital HR policies of your organization, and much more with this software.

Attendance Management

HRSprout helps you to automate the employee attendance management process. Although a powerful tool in managing the attendance records of all the employees working in your organization, it is straightforward to operate HRSprout. It is designed to help you track and manage all the employees within your organization. For example, using this tool, you can create and configure different work shifts for your business. It also allows you to track the real-time attendance of your employees, their shift timings, work shifts, and status.


Employee onboarding system can be a tedious process for the HR department. They have to go through various preparations before the actual day of the onboarding starts. In addition, they have to plan different onboarding processes for employees in different roles. Finally, the HR team must also chalk out separate training programs for the recruits. All of this takes a lot of time, effort, and energy.

You can simplify this lengthy and strenuous process with the help of a proper HRMS tool. There are various types of such tools in the market. Although all of them are designed to fulfill similar tasks, there may be some essential features missing in some of them. However, one of the best all-in-one HRMS software is HRSprout.

Created by 500apps, HRSprout is one of the most complete and powerful HRMS software you will ever find. It helps you share contracts and documents with your team or other employees. HRSprout also comes with the face recognition attendance tracker, a state-of-the-art software feature. 500apps, the creator of HRSprout, is trusted by some of the world's leading companies.

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