What is HRIS Software?

HRIS software that provides HR professionals with the tools they need to streamline and automate the entire HR process.

What is HRIS System?

An HRIS system integrates HR activities and information technology. It allows for data entry as well as tracking and management of human resources, payroll, and accounting. Because most HR teams rely on an HRIS system to help them improve their processes and stay organised, it's important for everyone who works with HR to understand a few HRIS fundamentals, such as the variations and definition of HRIS, what an HRIS does, which organisations require HRIS, and how to best use an HRIS. We hope you find this HRIS overview useful, whether you're new to HR, a leader looking to better understand your HR team's world, or anyone in between!

What does HRIS system do?

An HRIS assists businesses in organising and managing people-related data, such as: - Employee demographic data such as birth date, gender, contact information, and so on - Information about an employee's job, such as manager, department, pay rates, and so on. - Benefits options - Balances and requests for time off

Because all of this information is kept in one place, it serves as a single source of accurate data and frequently enables users to generate reports that can be used to identify trends and make business decisions.

When should my company invest in an HRIS system?

Tracking all of your employees' information on spreadsheets becomes impractical (and possibly even a compliance issue) after a certain point. Typically, we advise companies with 25 or more employees to implement an HRIS. Gathering, updating, and tracking several pieces of information for each employee becomes tough at this scale.

It's also tough for employees to form meaningful relationships with one another. As a result, it's critical for HR to think about culture and the employee experience. HR may focus on these higher-level features with the help of an HRIS.

Of course, depending on how far along your company's HR goals are, this 25-employee recommendation may change. Although some of our clients have fewer than 25 workers, their executives are deeply committed to providing HR with the resources they require and ensuring a positive employee experience. Using an HRIS helps these smaller organisations' HR managers to focus on additional strategic duties or to handle HR as one of several functions.

How many employees can an HRIS handle?

This really depends on the system you choose. Not all systems are created equal because not all organizations are created equal. A company with 25 employees has very different needs than an organization of 3,000.

Some HRIS vendors peddle a one-size-fits-all approach that, more often than not, doesn’t really fit anyone very well. These vendors say that their maximum number of users is virtually unlimited. Instead, we recommend that organizations look for an HRIS that’s focused on organizations within a specific size range.


Choosing an HRIS is not a task to be taken lightly. The appropriate system can assist your HR team tackle your organization's toughest problems while also allowing them to have a significant, strategic influence. Please contact us if you have any questions about your HRIS study, including whether or not an HRIS is the right solution for your company. We'd be delighted to assess your organization's most pressing requirements and give a recommendation.

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