10 Best Features of HRIS Software to Look for in 2021

Get insights into the ten best features to look for in HRIS software in 2021.


Having the right HRIS software will make the work of the HR team much easier yet more effective. More importantly, the workforce of any organization will be able to deliver more meaningful work resulting in greater profitability for the organization as their performances are being tracked and their benefits effectively monitored as further emphasized by Forbes.

We intend to see to it that all organizations are able to get the best from their employees even as the workforce grows in 2021. To do this we have carried out our research and tested different HRIS software out there to allow businesses sieve through the ton of available options and quickly make informed choices to move their businesses forward in 2021. Via our research, we have come up with the most essential features to look out for in any HRIS software expected to produce excellent results.

When you know what to look out for, you are sure to make the best choice of HRIS software to suit your organizational goals. In this article, we’ll educate you about the ten best features to look out for in HRIS software in 2021.

10 Best Features to Look for in HRIS Software in 2021:

The following are 10 must-have features for top HRIS software in 2021. William Jepma also talked about some of them In this Tweet

1. User Interface and Intuitiveness:

Ensure that any HRIS software you consider in 2021 has a very user-friendly user interface. It is also very important that the software is highly intuitive and requires no vigorous training to grasp its workings and operations. A good example is HRSprout. It has a very friendly interface that allows users to get a good grasp with minimal prior information.

The software is expected to make HR processes easier and faster and it is only counter-productive to find it hard to use the software in the first place as an employee or HR manager. It is best if the HRIS software of choice is simple and very familiar rather than having software that looks “cool” and sophisticated.

Intuitiveness stems from the simplicity and familiarity of the interface because then you wouldn’t require trainings to find your way around making use of the software. Also, if it looks like what you are familiar with then you are confident of finding your way around it.

2. Provision for Absence and Leave Management:

Tracking the leave and absence of employees is an essential feature to look out for in 2021 because doing it manually can be very difficult as the number of employees increases.

As shown in this Tweet, people leave organizations due to a lack of a sense of belonging. Making provisions for the periods of leave and absence can help change that.

As part of the value offerings of any top HRIS software, requesting leave via employee gateways and declining or accepting them through manager portals is an essential functionality to look out for. Further, the software must be able to track overall leave hours.

Finally, it should be able to factor all these data into the benefits calculation processes based on company policies. The best HRIS software help to simplify all these processes.

3. Performance Tracking and Management:

Effectiveness is measured by the relative amount of resources it takes to achieve set goals. In line with this, it is highly imperative for any HRIS software to measure the effectiveness of all employees by tracking their performances. As shown in this Image, the best HRIS software out human capital management into consideration because it is very important.

performance tracking and management

Features that help to accurately record overall goals relating to set tasks and appropriate milestones that indicate progress should be looked out for. These features help to take out the guesswork in managing employee performance. Ultimately, the company’s performance goals can be approached with an efficiency-oriented approach.

Performance management modules are often present in the best tools and software to implement this functionality. According to the Harvard business review, Job satisfaction which ultimately leads to greater performance hinges on the quality of relationships. The best tools have features that allow individuals to managed personally.

Also, features like a quicker feedback system, performance reviews, and goal setting can make the process more efficient.

4. Automated Benefits Management:

Benefits due for employees are one of the most important topics related to human resources. The right software should be able to automate the analysis and calculation of employee benefits.

Features such as automated deductions, centralized system, and an air-tight security system are very much needed for this functionality. It goes without saying that all perks that come at a cost should be deducted automatically to avoid short-changing the business. Also, only authorized personnel should have access to such information.

Integration with other systems is also crucial. Employee data and information relevant to benefits analysis and calculations can be exchanged securely and seamlessly. All of these work together to drastically reduce the pressure off of the HR team. Benefits calculation are often routine processes that can be automated with the right systems.

In doing this, the software should also put into consideration the regulations and guidelines governing which benefits employers are obliged to pay. The legal considerations should be strictly adhered to Furthermore, other factors such as tax and insurance should be factored in properly to avoid errors in calculation.

To cap it all up, all the functionalities should be in an all-in-one simplified user interface that makes the activities as simple as possible. Financials need to be meticulously handled and simplicity ensures this.

5. Employee Self-Service:

Employee self-service contributes largely to ease of use. The feature allows for the employee to have access to certain portals of the software where they can make certain changes and entries about their work details.

HR processes need employee data and they are always changing as time goes by. HRIS software is stepping in to help reduce the complexity of the procedures and employee self-service is a singular way through which about half of these concerns can be taken care of.

Ranging from work hours to personal information, this feature ensures that employees do not need the direct attention of a HR personnel or team as a whole for every little activity. It helps to streamline the work processes leading to easier work processes and greater efficiency.

Whenever any employee data or information is needed, they can easily go through the employee self-service portal to input it personally. Furthermore, employee can access their own documents and information via the same platform. With employee self-service as a functionality on the HRIS software of choice, the HR team stands to gain easier benefits enrollment procedures, online HR documentation, payroll viewing, and printing amongst others. Basically, all routine processes that lack strategic decisions from the HR team can be handled by the employee themselves.

6. Accurate Data Reporting:

Data is expected to back all decisions and strategies in this new age and the stakes are only going to get higher in 2021. If a HRIS software allows for employee self-service, tracks work hours and performance, and increasingly gathers data, then it is important for it to present this data in a way that allows to make strategic projections and decisions about employee management.

An important functionality is being able to report the enormous gathered in a visual way that makes sense. This visual interpretation would require the use of diagrams and charts that can be easily glanced through.

By merely taking a look at the report pages, one can make useful deductions and projections. The benefits of employees and their payroll for instance would make more sense when viewed on a graph.

Also, any HRIS software of choice must be able to carry out automatic additions and subtractions as changes are been made to employee data and financials because of what good is it then if you have to manually input those.

7. Work-Hour Tracking:

The best software indicates when employees are active and tracks their work hours from there. Conversely, it indicates periods when employees are absent or on leave. Clock-in and clock-out features have to be present to aid this automatic work hour calculation.

work-hour tracking

Timesheets should also be reviewed and approved all in the same platform. More importantly, the functionality should be integrated with payroll systems and other Human Resources management systems.

By making provision for work-hour tracking, it is very easy for workers to be duly compensated for the work hours they put in. Likewise, companies can be sure they’re getting value for their money. Productivity gains are also up for grabs with work hour tracking as efficiency can be tracked by measuring output with corresponding work hours. This way the organization can re-evaluate how to increase efficiency.

Adequate data which can be used to calculate billable hours, payroll and tax projections, etc. can be obtained as a result of this feature.

Errors can also be reduced greatly on the aspect of manual input of work hours and timesheet review and approval. The gains are numerous and that is why you should ensure an HRIS software has the functionality before subscribing to it.

8. Comprehensive Company Database:

The software should serve as a reservoir for all essential company data and information. The software should be able to contain as much data as possible. The feature also makes it easy to enter that information via easy input fields.

If you care about eliminating redundancy in your work operations then a comprehensive company database should be found on the HRIS software. It’s is advisable for the software to be cloud-based.

As an addition, the comprehensive and centralized company database should be automated. It implies that single changes made from the authorized channels or portals should reflect across the entire system; again taking away redundancies.

9. Notification Reminders:

Notification reminders are important to measuring performance and work progress. Work per time can be accessed and the right corrections can be made to ensure that a work in progress is actually headed in the right direction.

notification reminders

You should look out for the notification and reminder features in the HRIS software. It should be able to keep all departments and individuals aware of facts, work progresses, and vital information as they unfold in real-time. This feature of course cuts down the time it takes to manually report all these updates. It also allows to take quicker actions.

Furthermore, team leads and project managers can inform the other employees about deadlines and upcoming events using this feature. This helps to boost employee engagement and performance.

10. Flexibility:

The right tools should be accessible across multiple devices. It should be highly responsive and compatible with different operating systems.

The workforce is growing and so the preferences of individuals continue to differ widely. Yet, the agitations for inclusion and acceptance continue to grow by the day. This is why it is important to ensure that whatsoever is adopted by the company is acceptable by the majority. The software must be compatible with android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc.

Final thoughts:

HRIS software help to streamline company HR processes to ensure effectiveness, but some features are responsible for how effective this software performs. It is important to know these features and look out for them when looking to make a choice.

Basically, an HRIS software solution is expected to make life easy for your HR team and the organization as a whole. Knowing this should help you know where to look more easily. Any task that still appears repetitive and cumbersome should hint you that a certain feature is missing. The software should streamline the processes.

In 2021, you should look out for only HRIS software that pays attentions to employee engagement by measuring work hours, leave, and absent period

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